MinistryYouth Groups

Ministry of Political Correctness

The Ministry youth groups are the way of the future. Youths can help their community become pure and politically correct. Youths will be giving the authority to assist in arrests of people who do not conform to political correctness. Rewards of merits will be given for jobs well done. The merits can later be applied to the youth's PC ranking (Politically correct ranking) to show elevated status in the community. Youths of eight years old or older and encouraged to join.

Benefits include;

Two changes of uniform.

Electronic ID card that lists all you accomplishments and merit standing.

Access to observe training in progress of the people you arrest.

Respect from the community.

Respect from your parents.

Free advanced training to help improve your PC ranking.

Get your picture published in the Journal of Political Correctness.

A certificate that you can hang on the wall signed by the Minister of Political Correctness.