Training Facilities

Ministry of Political Correctness

Training facilities for learning to become politically correct are being built around the country. Each facility will be able to house 1500 people for training.  At each facility private secure rooms are offered for sleeping, bathing. Eating is done in the community room as part of the training process. Monitors as stationed at each table assisting with the training.

A large selection of scenarios are provided for people to practice being politically correct. Each facility offering unique scenarios that may be common in the region where the facility is located. A minimum rank of PC-4 must be achieved to graduate.


Retraining as result of arrest

The areas for retraining are separate from the rest of the population. These areas are off limits to most people as the methods used are different.  These people are considered dangerous to themselves and the community so special handling is required. While undergoing retraining their homes are fitted with electronic monitoring devices to insure compliance after retraining is complete. The ministry has the authority to keep these people indefinitely after the third offence.