The Ministry of Political Correctness was created as a result of the Political Correctness Act passed by the government. The ministry's function is to insure political correctness is evenly applied across the country and enforced by law. As the ministry continues to grow and mature, the ability to oversee all aspects peoples public and private lives. As a result contentment will improve.

Doctor Wilber Whiner was the first person in history to receive a doctorate in Political Correctness from Harvard University at Harvard's Paris Texas campus. Doctor Whiner is also the first and present Minister of Political Correctness.  With Dr. Whiner's guidance the Ministry was quickly able to create and implement guidelines that are still in effect today improving everyone's lives by insuring people only do and say what is accepted. Two times a year a review and changes to the guidelines are considered by the board.

Last year the government felt the Ministry should oversee sexual harassment guidelines and sexual conduct of people. On December 1 last year the Ministry accepted that responsibility and has started setting new standards on displaying sexuality.

The development of Politically Correct Youth Groups program is completed and the Ministry has started the distribution of the new uniforms. The Youth Groups are encouraged to assist Politically Correct enforcement officers by finding are reporting people that are not politically correct. Then those people would be taken to a political correctness training facility. Youths 8 and older are encouraged to join.

The ministry is please to announce the completion of phase 1 and the first 300 political correctness training facilities are now open and processing people. Phase 2 will start later this year completing a total of 642 facilities in about 36 months.

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