Ministry of Political Correctness


The Ministry of political correctness may only be contacted by e-mail. To insure your e-mail goes to the correct department copy one of the subjects below into the subject line of your e-mail. If you do not put a subject in your email or use a different subject your e-mail will go to the bulk mailbox and it may take some time to answer it. Please be sure you have installed Adobe politically correct text filter version 3.4 or higher. you may download it here.


Youth group (Use this if you wish to sign up or find out about Youth groups in your area)

Report (Use this if you wish to report active political incorrectness)

Media (Use this if you have a story worth publishing)

Administration (Use this if you want to contact someone in administration)

Training (Use this if you wish to inquire about training)

Person (Use this if you wish to find out about a person in training or retraining)

Employment (Use this if you are interested in working with us)

PC (Use this if you are interested in testing for upgrades in your PC ranking)

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